About Us

Cross Bay Labradors was founded in 1992.  We strive to breed Labradors that not only exemplify  Labrador type, but are also devoted companions.  Our breeding program is based on the bloodlines from Blondella, Briary and Sandylands.

It all began with the purchase of my first Labrador, Otter.  Although not able to be shown in conformation, I was able to train him for obedience and field work.  We quickly gained our CD title and with the help of my late mentor, Nick Mickelson, soon completed the rest of our JH title and then trained to Senior level until a shoulder injury ended his career.

 I soon realized that I wanted to show and breed and I started the search for a bitch to begin my line.  I purchased a beautiful yellow bitch from Winterset Kennels and began to show and train her in field and obedience.  She earned her JH in 4 straight tests as well as a CD.  We moved on to Senior, but then at 1 ½ years of age, we noticed she was missing her marks in low light.  Unfortunately this was a sign that her eyesight was failing and when she was 2 we brought her to Cornell University.  An ERG test confirmed my worst fear.  It showed that she had PRA.  Those are the words everyone is afraid to hear, and I was devastated.  My hopes for breeding her were gone.  I had been planning to breed her to a dog from Zane Hill’s Kennels.

 During this time, I was able to get first pick bitch puppy from a litter out of Zane Hill’s Sugar Cain (he is bred on the Blondella lines), from Ralph and Kathy Root.  Jaysin (Zane Hills X-Bay Autumn Skye JH, CD) arrived here in 1994, and has become my foundation bitch.  I have been lucky to have her!  Not only is she a quick learner and steady Retriever, finishing her JH at 11 ½ months, but she also exemplified the dual-purpose Labrador when she won the Hunting Retriever Bitch class at the Labrador Retriever Club of Potomac Specialty in 1999!  With the help and guidance of Salley Kelley of Kelleygreen Labradors we have been able to breed Jaysin to several outstanding dogs from the Blondella Kennels.  She has produced beautiful puppies and they all have her calm temperament, devotion, and classic conformation, as well as exceptional hunting ability.

I have been involved with animals all my life.  I was raised with weimaraners: our bitch Senta and our dog Max were always by my side.  My parents bred several litters with Senta, though the litter that sticks out the most was her “black” litter, sired by a persistent German short-haired pointer.  Who knew that 20 years later I would be raising my own “Black Dogs”.

I also have a deep love for horses and have been riding since I could walk.  After high school I was finally able to purchase my first horse, a quarter horse/welsh mare.  I named her Solitaire.  She was the best friend a girl could have.  She had been bred and I also raised her colt (Solitary Man).  I trained both of them in dressage, though I most enjoyed the freedom of riding bare back through the fields and scenic trails that the Pioneer Valley has to offer.  My experience with horses has been a tremendous benefit.  It has trained my eye to correct conformation, balance, and proper movement.

In 1996 I married my husband, Peter, and with his help we are able to continue our efforts to breed Labradors that are not only ideal companions, but also have the temperament, natural hunting ability and breed type that we prefer.  In 2001 we moved back to my hometown of Granby CT, and now we have a home in the country where we enjoy living with our dogs, canoeing, kayaking, gardening and just relaxing by the lake.

 We breed only once or twice a year and all of our puppies are raised in our home.  We feel that puppies that are exposed to the usual activities of household life are more capable of adjusting to the other stresses of life than if they are raised in a kennel.

 We evaluate all of our breeding stock using OFA, CERF and Optigen and other appropriate tests.  These tests are valuable tools when planning a breeding, but at no time are they guarantees that a puppy won’t develop health problems.

 We look forward to our newest generations to carry our lines.  We have been fortunate to have formed many close friendships through our Labradors.  Life with our Labradors continues to bring us Love, Knowledge, Hope and an endless supply of dog hair!  

Tiffany and Peter