Tributes to Those Gone But Not Forgotten

Give sorrow words, the grief that does not speak
Whispers the o'er fraught heart and bids it break
(Wm. Shakespeare)

Tre Kroners Otterbay JH CD WCX

(Sir Montezuma of Niepsic x Oakridge Irish Lady)


March 7, 1992-March 31, 2005

For a moment is our sorrow, Joy forever in the sky.

It is with tremendous sadness that we said "Farewell" to Otter this morning.

Otter was with me from the very first day I was on my own.  He was my guardian; with him I always felt safe.  As my first Labrador, we ventured into the world of showing, field and obedience.  With him I am where I am today; without him I would not have the confidence I have gained through him, nor the friendships of the people we have met along our path together.  Otter will always be the most special to me: a part of me went with him when he left this earth.

Remember to Celebrate the Life!!!!

The day is breaking now
It's time to go away
I'm so afraid to leave
But more afraid to stay

Forgive me
For leaving
The sadness in your eyes
                      October Project

"Return to Me"
 You shine like the moon over water
And you darken the sky when you leave
Now I want to know how to keep you
Return to me
Turn to me
I am here calling the wind
I am here calling your name
I am here calling you back
Return to me
I am here
Return to me
                October Project



Zane Hills X-Bay Autumn Skye JH CD

* The Foundation of Cross Bay *

September 11, 1994 - February 19,2010


Jaysin's passing brings the end of an era, one that began with her much anticipated arrival on a plane at 8 weeks till she left us here at age 15 years and 5 months. Jaysin was an outstanding retriever,easily obtaining her hunt and obedience titles, finishing them by the time she was just a year old. Her true gift was in the whelping box where she was a superb producer and a devoted mother. I am surrounded by her everywhere and have a lifetime of memories to help ease the sadness of losing her.

"In the shadow cast as you were leaving
In the beauty of the ending day
There is always something to return to
Something you allow to slip away.

In the empty corners of the evening
In the vacant beauty of the wind
There is always something to remember
Something to remember to begin.

There is always something to believe in
Something as I watch you slip away..."
(october project)



Cross Bay Blacksmith's Daughter

May 10, 2001 - August 23, 2005

Sarrah graced our lives with her endearing ways, and melted our hearts with her loving gaze and her endless devotion. She mothered every puppy as if they were her own and when her own puppies were born she  gave them all she had. She succumbed to ideopathic liver failure just six weeks after her puppies were born and left us all with an ache in our hearts and a void in our lives. We treasure her babies - her living legacy -  Sierra, Smitty and Blue.


"Go now, don't look back, we've drawn the line
Move on, it's no good to go back in time
    Sara, Sara, storms are brewin' in your eyes
 Sara, Sara, no time is a good time for goodbyes
 'Cos Sara Loved me like no one has ever loved me before
 And Sara Hurt me, no one could ever hurt me more
 And Sara,  Sara -  nobody loved me any more 


 Oh Sara why did it, why did it all fall apart ..."
                                                  (Jefferson Starship)



Keelcroft Cedarwood Citori

May 17, 1993 - April 11, 2005

Tori was my second chance bitch, I had to pass on her the first time and when she was offered to me again years later I was not going to let her get away.  Tori never missed a treat when it was offered and earned the nickname "Gator" along the way. Tori found solace here with us, and loved her soft places to sleep and wag her tail in her dreams.



Cross Bays Heritage Briar

February 20, 1995 - December 2, 2006

Briar slipped quietly from this life and into the next, while I held her in my arms. It was all so sudden but at the end, she was at home with us surrounding her with our love .She took a part of me with her, but left us with treasured memories of never-ending love.  We have been blessed to have been a part of her life and to learn from the many lessons she taught us.  Love can give you the strength to fight, trust your instincts and enjoy every moment you can.  We will miss her uncanny way of making us laugh, her love of tennis balls and water bubbles, swimming with the fish, her love of being a "midwife" when puppies were being born, covering the van windows with "Boo snot", and her never ending kisses that could always bring out a smile.  She had many nicknames:  Briar Boo, Boo, Booty Boo, Bootwat, BooDoo, PixieBoo, but mostly she was our Booty.

My Booty lies over the ocean
My Booty lies over the sea
My Booty lies over the ocean
Oh bring back my Booty to me, to me
Bring back my Booty to me....

(This song was sung to her every time she had a phlebotomy.  Singing to her would calm her.  It did start out as "my Bonnie lies over the ocean", but was quickly adapted. Even the vets would sing it too.)

I know someday we will be together again.  It is so hard to know that I will have to wait a lifetime, but it will be worth it in the end.

"Eyes of Mercy"

Hush, Close your eyes
And I'll keep you safe
Allow you to weep
And sing you to sleep

Don't be afraid
Remember I'm here
The noise in the street
Will soon disappear

When the soft face of mercy
Is lost behind a veil
I will stay with eyes open
Stay here with eyes open
To watch over you
And take away the sadness
and the fear

Hide in my arms
And dream golden dreams
Forgetting the world
Of man and machines

When the soft eyes of mercy
Are blinded by the dark
I will stay with eyes open
Stay here with eyes open
To watch over you
and take away the sadness
and the fear

I'll be here.....
        October Project 1993

I bought Briar as a pet.  As a puppy, she had to spend much of her first days in an incubator.  She was so small and at 8 weeks weighed only 1.2 lbs!!  Briar had a congenital heart defect known as reversed patent ductus arteriosis.  She continued to have to take bone marrow suppression medication to keep her from producing too many red blood cells, as well as endure phlebotomies to keep her blood levels in a normal range.  Despite predictions that she would never live past age 4, she was my constant companion for nearly 12years.



Cross Bay's Lost Acres Davendean

May 12, 1998 - November 21,2006

 Dean was from our only litter of Jack Russell Terriers. Dean was the best judge of character and self appointed guardian of all the puppies. We were always entertained by his antics,  tricks, and "chippy chews", cuddling with his warm breath blowing on your neck, and a quick lick up your nose!  He enjoyed the best of life - a good salad(with steak on the side), laying on the deck soaking up the sun or sleeping in the hammock on a quiet summer day.  We miss his ever wagging tail and soft whisker kisses.

Sleep well Skipper Dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!   



Cherry Oaks Code of Honor
Ch. Goldstrikes Claim Jumper X Cherry Oaks Golden Amaretto
February 17,1997 - June 25, 2010

Codey was our sweet black bear, the perfect dog, so gentle and kindand loved by all. He loved puppies and cuddling up with his girls. Codey enjoyed our long hugs and quiet moments sitting out on the deck. He had a gift of being "Lab accurate" on progesterones and I'm going to miss having his keen sense of timing. I'll most miss his bright smiling face and his snurfle "hello!". He was always relaxed and we loved his habits of sleeping with his legs up in the air, or laying on his back doing his "Joy of Life" dance. Sleep well Schmoofie, you'll always be our Co'ey Bear!!! You are dearly missed by all who knew you.



Cross Bays Into the Knight

(Ch. Blackdux Knight Moves x Zane Hill's X-Bay Autumn Skye JH CD)
November 8, 1998 - December 9, 2001

Brenna died in a tragic accident and was taken from us on a wintery night when she got out of the dog yard.  She left us too young, with many hopes for the future unfulfilled.



Winterset C-Bay Fire and Ice JH

May 6, 1993 - June 17, 2007

You will always hold a special place in my heart, my first girl.  I will treasure the memories of your precision and lightning speed on retrieves, your affection and kind spirit. Cared for and loved for over 12 years by our friend Ellen Donovan: it was Kismet we met.  Bantry must have planned it all was destined that you be together.



Cross Bays Heat of the Knight

(Ch. Blackdux Knight Moves x Zane Hill's X-Bay Autumn Skye JH CD)
November 8, 1998 - April 20, 2007

Angus passed away after a courageous battle with lung cancer.  He will always be remembered as not only a wonderful friend, but as the most reliable retriever- picking up thousands of birds in his lifetime. He was the constant companion of our dear friend, Paul Young, who brought the best of his skills to light.  Angus could retrieve and point with incredible accuracy, leaving the other hunters wishing he were theirs.  Sadly missed by all who knew him. Rest well friend.  You've left a very hard pair of hunting boots to fill.



Cedarwood's All In Good Time

(Ch. Simerdown's Cedarwood Sultan x Cedarwood Sierra Pride)
June 5, 1996 - April 2, 2008

Talin was our funny girl, we were always amused by the silly things she did.  She played up the blonde thing well, though truth be told she was a highly intelligent and cunning girl under all that blonde fluff.  Tally was Peter's favorite and his constant companion.  She traveled with him far and near.  Tally earned the nickname "Puff" on the way back from a show in New Jersey when she and I got stuck in traffic for 2.5 hours on the George Washington bridge.  I had an extreme fear of bridges and after a while of being up there, I let Tally out of her crate to sit with me up front .While sitting in the seat with her head in front of the air conditioning she started to puff out her lips in the breeze.  I was laughing so hard I wasn't scared anymore!!

Tally enjoyed the good thinks in life:  laying on the deck in the sun, a fine meal, sticks of butter, wrapper and all, extra desserts and the company of her furry friends--especially her love, Codey.  There was never a more kind and gentle soul, a friend to all.

Rest well our sweet friend.  We will always  miss our Tally, aka Puff, Bear de Bear, Camenbear, we know you'll be waiting for us at the Bridge!!



Cross Bays Early Winter


(Borador's Hush Money x Zane Hill's X-Bay Autumn Skye JH CD)
October 8, 2000 - April 16, 2010

Tiger,Tiger Burning Bright, In the Forest of the Night....

Earl was everything to me, my Handsome, my Wonderfearl.
The sun rose and set upon him in my eyes, in turn he had eyes only for me.

He was the benevolent leader,commanding respect,strong yet gentle, loved and revered by his family. He loved the puppies,playing with them, letting them tug at his ears,teaching them to show respect to their elders, in an undoubted yet kind manner.

He was my protector, be it to chase my fears away or to stand an defend me against attacking dogs or the black bear.

He was fond of giving me kisses, light sweet ones and naughty ,nibble my lower lip ones - always with his eyes lit up full of love and joy, and a twinkle of mischief. His favorite things in life were his giant Red Ball, hitting it with his front feet,chasing it around the yard, and the chainsaw, the sound of which brought out an excitement in him as he knew that soon there would be trees felled with branches and even logs for him, holding it proudly aloft while he ran through the grass and woods.

At the end of the day he slept next to me on the bed, a kiss before leaning up against me,my hand resting on his back with his head resting on my feet. To watch him run,so strong and true brought joy to my eyes.

To hold him as he left took my heart away...


Blondella Blacksmith

(Eng. Ch. Keysun Krispin of Blondella x Shade's of Blondella)
October 27, 1987 - June 29, 2001

******In Loving Memory of Smitty******
Loved and cared for by Connie Palmer
Owned by Kevin Henry



Blondella Box Clever

(Bradking Jason x Blondella Ballerita)

******In loving memory of Joe****** 

Joe passed away just three weeks after our last litter with Jaysin was born.  Joe lives on in his son, Jamey, from this litter.  We are grateful to Sally Kelly for sharing a piece of him with us.